why does SEO matter to my website


Why does SEO matter to my website?

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is what search engines such as Google rely on to tell them details about a website. There are millions of websites on the internet and in order for Google to rank them accordingly it needs to know what the website is about.

For example you could have fantastic looking designer website which cost thousands of pounds to create – well done! but this wont bring in any visitors to your website, which means no sales and no revenue.

SEO consists of two main factors:

1. On PageĀ 

This is the part where you need relevant content on your website which tells Google what your website is about. You will need to ensure that you keywords that describe the products or services you are selling in different areas of a web page including Meta tags, Headings, Content, image alt tags and within internal linking.


2. Off Page

Creating links to your website act like votes and previously the more votes you had then the more relevant your site was. Off page includes building links to your website from a range of different sources including Blogs, article directories, social book marking sites, relevant directories and press releases. The more of this that Google can see along with the same relevant keywords connecting these two together then the higher up the rankings you shall go!


There you go its as simple as that! or is it? :-)

This article was written by Sunny Karwal – Search Specialist

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